Boutique Name Change!

Hey Everyone!

     I'm SUPER excited to announce the re-launch of my boutique as Shop Daphnée Renae (@ShopDaphneeRenae)! I felt it was necessary to change the name from The Feline Collection, to formally be Shop Daphnée Renae, because I wanted to include my own merchandise in addition to the boutique items. Now, The Feline Collection will still be around, but everything will be available for purchase through this website only. I think that way it's less confusion. However, the boutique items will still be under the name The Feline Collection, while everything else is Daphnée Renae merch.

     In the next couple weeks, I'll reveal my new line of merchandise. So for now, all that is available for purchase is my closet items until I can fully integrate my boutique items into this website. Trust me, it's going to be lit once my new merch drops!


Daphnée Renae