My Boutique is Launching Soon!

Hey Daph Dolls!

I'm so excited to be finally launching my boutique soon! Its called The Feline Collection & its going to cater to all women of all shapes and sizes! I'm going to launch my boutique with a Summer '17 Swim Capsule! It'll feature 3-4 of the the trendiest swimsuits of the summer. Right now I've been working on making sure the website is super easy to use & that my sample swimsuits come out perfect for you ladies! I also have the catalog shoot coming up with one of my favorite photographers so that the website pictures come out perfect for you all!

Please stay patient with me while I get everything up and running within the next month or so. This is my first business venture and it's always been a dream of mine to own my own store! I'm really putting time and effort into this boutique to make sure its really trendy and affordable for my dolls! Make sure you check back so you can be first to know the official launch date!

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Daphnée Renae